Secure anchoring of Pleura Drainage Catheters

Pleura-Guard is an anchoring device for pleural drainage catheters from 16 French to 30 French. The device consists of a skin-side surface with a super skin friendly hydrocolloid adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block which efficiently prevents kinking of the catheter. A non-woven lid provides an effective securing of the catheter on the foam block. In addition, catheters are prevented from being expelled by the body and the secure anchoring of the catheter also prevents catheter movements from enlarging the catheter exit site, which is why less leakage is experienced. The catheter exit site is covered by a transparent hydrocolloid lid protecting the puncture site from contamination while allowing continuous monitoring of the puncture site. The hydrocolloid used for the carrier and the puncture site lid absorbs exudates and thus prevents skin maceration and excessive growth of micro-organisms.
Finally, the use of suture for anchoring of the catheter may be omitted in most cases and the slim design of the Pleura-guard allows the anchoring of two catheters positioned at a short distance.


Patient friendly fixation

The low and slim design of the Pleura-Guard often replaces bulky “home-made” fixations of gauze combined with non-woven dressings or the like. Further, the possibility of omitting the suture makes the Pleura-Guard more comfortable for the patient and the safe anchoring enhances the patient’s feeling of greater freedom to move around without worrying about the catheter. For additional patient comfort the product is made to tolerate washing of the patient and even showering cautiously. Application of Pleura-Guard reduces nursing time and dressing changes.
The effective absorption of exudates combined with secure anchoring and the possibility to monitor the puncture site area strongly reduce the need for dressing changes. The Pleura-Guard will normally stay well on the patient 4 – 5 days and often even up to seven days if required. The few dressing changes and consequent reduction of nursing time per catheter makes Pleura-Guard a very cost effective solution.

Easy to use

The Pleura-Guard is easy and fast to apply to the patient’s skin and results in a standardized and safe anchoring and protection of the pleural drainage catheter, independently of which hospital staff member is responsible for the anchoring of the catheter.


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