Safe anchoring of catheters

Epi-Guard is an anchoring device for epidural catheters. The product consists of a skin-side surface with a skin friendly adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block that safely anchors epidural catheters. The hydrocolloid carrier will absorb body fluids or anesthetic agent that backflow from the needle punctures with local anesthesia given prior to insertion of the epidural catheter. The soft foam support block can prevent kinking of the catheter, even if the patient should lie on it.

For the sake of the patient

Epidural catheters are typically secured inadequately by PU-film or other adhesive dressing and accidental displacement of the catheter is frequently seen. Not only will this cause the patient to experience a period without sufficient anesthesia, but a very uncomfortable insertion of a new catheter is also required. When Epi-Guard is being used, accidental displacement of the epidural catheter will be rare. Because the hydrocolloid carrier has been carefully tested for skin irritation, the risk of skin reactions is minimal. Finally, because it is easy to dress over the Epi-Guard, he/she will feel a greater freedom to move around without worrying about the catheter.

Easy to use

The Epi-Guard is easy and fast to apply to the patient’s skin and results in a standardized and safe anchoring of the epidural catheter. A short training is sufficient to teach every staff member on the ward how to use our fixation device.