Dia-Stop is a single use device designed to create haemostasis in the puncture sites established for haemodialysis treatment. It has a unique bridge design that ensures that no pressure is applied to a substantial part of the circumference of the arm. This eliminates the risk of stasis/interruption of the blood flow.

Furthermore, the pressure cushion of the Dia-Stop is made of soft foam materials and includes a pressure indicator.
Compression of the dark cushion to less than half thickness indicates a suitable pressure is applied on an average patient. This minimizes the risk of causing damage to the fistula.

Dia-Stop is a complete single use unit consisting of a plastic armlet with pressure cushion (packed in peel-pouch), sterile and ready to use. After use the complete unit should be disposed.

If the bleeding from the puncture site does not stop immediately after applying Dia-stop, it shows clearly on the highly absorbent white foam part of the pressure cushion. This enables nursing staff to react before the blood spreads to the surrounding skin or clothes.

The high friction surface of the white foam layer prevents accidental displacement of the pressure cushion from the puncture site.

With Dia-stop’s multi-step locking mechanism it is possible to adjust the size and pressure to fit any patient’s requirement. The pressure on the puncture site is easily readjusted after the application.