Pleura Guard

Anchoring device for thoracic drainage catheters


Single use device designed to create haemostasis in the puncture sites established for haemodialysis treatment


Anchoring device for epidural catheters

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Our mission is to create innovative products which will assist staff in modern health care organizations to provide a cost effective, safe and comfortable patient care while at the same time offering advantages to the staff in the form of better and safer working environment.

Our philosophy is to offer products, which assist hospital staff in providing a cost effective, safe and comfortable patient care, particularly in relation to fixation of catheters and protection of catheter exit sites and puncture sites.


Tailored for the following procedures


Nephrostomy is a procedure of many functions, but the most common is providing


The most common treatment of advanced and permanent kidney failure is hemodialysis ...

Epidural anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia is a technique of injecting drugs, diagnostic or therapeutic…


Pneumothorax is an abnormal collection of air gas in the pleural space that causes …