In 2004 a new division for the development and marketing of a range of catheter fixations and other patient care products was established by LiNA Medical Aps. As the products of this new division are aimed at other customer segments than the LiNA Medical surgical products, it was decided to market these products under another brand name to avoid any confusion in the market. Therefore the new division was named Copenhagen MedLab.

Copenhagen MedLab is committed to creating true partnerships with enthusiastic national and regional distributors and OEM customers all over the world who possess the necessary insight and experience about their local market. To obtain the contact details of your local Copenhagen MedLab distributor, or to obtain more details on products and procedures, please contact us either by phone or mail.

Customer & Commercial Services Centre

Andrzej Sarnowski

Customer & Commercial Services Centre
Senior Specialist
Phone: +48 61 222 21 36

Sebastian Jaźwiecki

Customer & Commercial Services Centre
Phone: +48 61 222 21 41